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Really good news, Davide!
I need to say that I was ready to write all my concerns and disapointment with this piece of hardware. I was looking for something similar as is existing for Buchla. And I still see a lot of potential in Arches, but sometimes feels like in deserted island. Lack of communication is killing each relationship. This is no excluse.
I am happy to hear about progress and still not gaving up and believe that this can became my main controller.
I know that to develop something like this takes time, and only constructive criticism can help. And I cant bring more bugs and issues than others mentioned here. Makes no sense to repeat the same, I believe that all of them are really easy to reproduce. So trying to be patient.
Anyhow few more words from developers are more than welcome.
And yes, once product which was promised will be delivered, we all have a lot of good ideas how to make it even better for our worklow.