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Davide Mancini

Hi to Everyone!
We are going to deliver the new firmware today in the late evening.
I am updating the manual with the new function/improvements right now.

So, to sum up very quickly what we’ve worked on in the last weeks:


-transpose function
the Arpeggiators and the Stepsequencer have now a ‘transpose’ function activated by pushing the ‘trans’ button. As with the other button functions you press the button and ‘scroll’ the available destinations of the transpose. You can transpose +/- 12 semitones individually for each arp/seq. When the intended arp/seq is shown, just rotate the right encoder to select the chromatic value and then press the encoder to activate it.
The ‘transpose’ works on the arpeggiators but not on the static values of the keyboards.The output works either on the CV system and on the MIDI.

-lightstrip record/loop
The original LS1lightstrip most wanted functionality is here. Up to 20 seconds (instead of 8) of recording and looping capability.
It functions just like the LS1lightstrip on the lightstrip banks selected as FREE. You have three modes:
-standard: as the last firmware
-HOLD: as the last firmware, press the top slider button and the CV value is retained
-REC: with your finger ALREADY on the strip, press the top slider button and keep it pressed until either you want to finish rec and start the looping OR the memory fills up and starts looping automatically. While looping you can OVERRIDE the output by putting your finger again on the surface (under the hood the loop is continuing) or press the top slider button again and stop the loop (and erase the loop memory).

-lateral strips HOLD function:
The four lateral half length strip now have their own HOLD buttons. They work in pairs, obviously, and those buttons are not showed anymore when selecting elements with the left encoder (that was confusing). Basically, led and hold function will toggle when pushing the inverted triangle buttons.


-Arpeggio HOLD now is much more easy to achieve and with consistent results
-Optimized internal functions to speed things up. Now update rate for ALL the machine, including strips DAC update is 15ms at maximum. Stepping is now much reduced.
Inserting a smoothing function is under review but, as of today, we DON’T know how this can be implemented to a good extent. This improvement was one of the most time-consuming things because of the implications with the i2c libraries of the microcontroller’s platform and tight scheduling for USB stuff.
Now (arches) has the same speed/behaviour as our LS1lightstrip, one of the most diffused cv recorder on the market, and more than double the loop time.
-Now Keyboards have FIXED outputs. In the first revision of firmware the keybs where associeted to a series of outputs by default BUT the user had the opportunity of changing this. This was confusing and, in the end, doesn’t give any plus.

-Config mayhem. In some cases when going back and forth through presets OR changing config on the fly, in some ‘situations’ the (arches) looses (permanently or until the next user action) the configuration of some elements and/or the possibility to modify the parameters. This has been fixed in several places and tested. Obviously You will find a lot more ways of doing strange things with arches (…it’s his main raison d’etre, actually) and there culd be some little more ‘backdoors’ to be opened and fixed!
-output drop: relative to the first point, we solved a bug where, returning from a preset load, several output changed their configuration or simply disappeared.
-There was a BUG where, in some situations, the velocity of the arpeggiated notes (either associated to the ‘expression’ output or the MIDI velocity) was relative to the ‘last’ note. This have been solved.
-CV drop: When changing context from keyboards to sequencers, the CV output (note or free) is retained and not set to ZERO.

we worked hard to maintain the preset file structure.
The next version could have the need to bring some mods to it….. We are open to disclose the format of the sd file and to work with someone to bring up a very simple (python?) script that will be able to transport potential old preset versions to the new one. OR, as some of you asked, realize a small graphic editor for presets. We have time to work on this so this can be a good moment to start sharing info with the one interested.