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I was able to update my Arches today and gave it a spin this evening. It is starting to feel more like an instrument and less dodgy. I had to read the instructions here in the forum though in regards to the Lightstrip recordings as the manual doesn’t seem to mention that an element has to be “Free” in order to record.

I’m still desperately needing these items to be addressed to really make it feel like a proper controller though. Davide, could you please comment on each of the following in regards to if each one is able to happen and what the likely hood / time frame looks like for implementation?

Mono, Legato, Last note, First note priority mode for Arp’s & Keyboards
Tap Tempo via BPM button / Real time Tempo change via parameter knob
Portamento on all keyboards & Step Seq
Sequencer transpose Via other Keyboards
Reset In
Quantized Func in regards to FreeQ2, FreeQ3, FreeQ4
Adjust Notes/gates/expression without having to press the respective button after toggling between each element.
Play Button’s LED doesn’t turn on. Need that light on or flashing(preferably) to bpm when Play is Activated
Clock Output Sub-divisions
Expression Min/Max settings
Instead of having (Arches) Home screen, Make home screen more preset/performance oriented.
User Interface “Play” button should have have some form of OLED Update to show status
User Interface “Tempo” button should also have some form of OLED Visual (blinking Pixels to visualize tempo)

Thank you for the update and I look forward to spending more time with Arches tomorrow (while also day dreaming about the above list)