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Davide Mancini

Hello to everyone!
The following section will be soon added to the manual:

Instructions and pics on re-housing the arches in a euro case.

In principle is really simple. The only functions that remain out of this transformation (for now) is the MIDI/USB.
We are planning to sell a very simple panel to re-house the small board with the DIN and USB connectors. A 6HP panel that we are fabricating right now.
But, apart from the rear panel, you just have to unscrew the 6 hex socket screws, tilt the panel to the front and detach from the board the power supply cable (Reb-black) and the USB/MIDI cable (10wires flat).
At this point the three-boards compound is free. You can spot the eurorack connector on the right (with the product facing the desk) of the arches.
I enclose you a picture with the right orientation of the redline (-12V).
At this point is just another (big) module to be seated in your system!