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I’m still trying and still finding this hard to love.

Tonight I’ve been trying to set up all the strips as free elements for controlling mixers/Levels on various modules.

I unassigned the KBs, set everything to free and then started mapping them left hand set 1-6, right hand set 9 -14 so far so good only for no reason the hold button on the 3rd strip along on the right hand set wouldn’t engage despite being set the same as all the others.

I saved this as a new preset, power cycled and loaded the preset and the hold button worked BUT, the strip that was set to output it’s voltage on output 3 didn’t do anything. going into the assign menu gave me the option of setting it to output 2 (which was already in use by the strip next to it) or the next free output (17 or something).

It’s really such a mediocre experience using this thing, I’m so close to putting it back in it’s box and just trying to sell it but part of me wants to hold out to see if it ever becomes useable as the thing we thought we had kickstarted in the first place.