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I am glad that you made it work. I have had problems making the Arduino work in my NS1. I followed Niklas instructions, but still, get errors when loading the firmware. I am trying to install the default firmware, since your post is recent, I am hoping that you’d be using the same Arduino IDE and libraries, as opposed to older posts. Below thw description of what I’ve done, and the errors I get:

1) I am using the NO_MOZZI firmware.
2) I have downloaded the USBMIDI and the DAC_MCO49 libraries:
3) I have them declared at the beginning of the code:

#include <pitchToFrequency.h>
#include <pitchToNote.h>
#include <frequencyToNote.h>
#include <MIDIUSB_Defs.h>
#include <MIDIUSB.h>
#include <DAC_MCP49xx.h>

4) I select from the Board manager:
Leaonardo & Micro MIDI-USB (arcore) – > Arduino Leonardo (MIDI)

When Loading I get the following error:

“Warning: platform.txt from core ‘Leonardo & Micro MIDI-USB (arcore)’ contains deprecated”{compiler.path}{}” {} {} “{build.path}/{archive_file}” “{object_file}”, automatically converted to”{compiler.path}{}” {} {} “{archive_file_path}” “{object_file}”. Consider upgrading this core.
In file included from /Users/jcuervo/Documents/Arduino/libraries/MIDIUSB/src/MIDIUSB.cpp:17:0:
/Users/jcuervo/Documents/Arduino/libraries/MIDIUSB/src/MIDIUSB.h:25:26: fatal error: PluggableUSB.h: No such file or directory
#include “PluggableUSB.h”
compilation terminated.
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Leonardo (MIDI).

Any clue? it seems that the board I select has old stuff that are not recognized by MIDI USB

If I change the board to say to Arduino AVR Boards – > Arduino Leonardo

then the error I get is the following:

Users/jcuervo/NS1nanosynth_sketches/NS1NANOSYNTH_CC_NO_MOZZI_01/NS1NANOSYNTH_CC_NO_MOZZI_01.ino: In function ‘void updateNS1()’:
NS1NANOSYNTH_CC_NO_MOZZI_01:115:9: error: ‘MIDIUSB’ was not declared in this scope
while(MIDIUSB.available() > 0) {
exit status 1
‘MIDIUSB’ was not declared in this scope

I have #include at the beginning, I assume is global, so don’t really understand why it is complaining about this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated it!