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Davide Mancini

Dear All,
following many of your reports and our own internal testing we are happy to publish a 1.0.10 version fo the firmware that covers many of the hiccups and add some functions related to MIDI. PLUS!!!!! a good news for the one of you that looked for an OFFLINE WEB EDITOR.

Now MIDI handles incoming clock much better, up to high speeds AND correctly inteprets the START and stop messages (that is: re-starting the sequencers to step1)
In Internal clock mode, MIDI clock out is enabled ONLY when the user press the general PLAY button (right hand physical button). A START message is also sent before midi clocks are generated.

Unassignable outputs are solved now.
Total surface reading cycle is now optimizeed at less than 15 ms.
Stuck buttons cases have been addressed. In particular the hold buttons of the thumbpads.

TRIGGER sequencer, the save/recall of patterns is now fully functional.

the Keyb outputs have been hardwired. The complexity of associating any output to any jack, while raising a lot of ‘background’ issues (also with preset structure) was deemed not very useful. Now the outputs of the keybs are: 1-2-3 for kb3,kb2,kb5,kb6; 9-10-11 for kb4; 17-18-19 for kb1.

You can find the zip file with the hex on the product page or just click here: