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Davide Mancini

Hi Mr Bijou!
We calibrate the nanosynths one by one to track at least 4 octaves so it could have happened that during the packaging the V/oct trimmer was touched and got out of scale… The tuning is pretty simple once you take off the metal bottom case…
I don’t have an NS1 with me at the moment to take a pic but let me try to define a procedure:
-before doing anything discharge yourself (touch any metal appliance surface or heating pipes or the external of your washing machine :).
-take off the four plastic rivets and detach the board from the metal case. Be sure not to damage components and touch them the least possible.
-Turn the NS1 over to expose the compoment side.
-with the USB port on the upper left side you can see a light brown trimmer (it’s the only one of this kind) with a small brass screw on the top.
-our calibration procedure is the following:
1. connect to a pc with a midi software
2. connect the v/oct input of the VCO to the DAC0 (as in the standard midi patch)
3. put out a C2 note on, the DAC will output 0,00 V
4. turn the TUNE pot fully counter clockwise (lowest freq) this should be more or less 30hz)
5. now turn the tune pot up until your tuner sense a C
6. now go the other C notes and, if sharp turn the trimmer slowly counterclockwise, if flat the contrary.
7. repeat this for the octaves until everything feels OK
(NOTE: if you have just a USB connection the DAC won’t be able to correclty output the last 2/3 notes of the 5 octaves, as the normal volts supply from a usb port or power supply is much less than 5V, normally 4,7V)

Let me know how it goes!!!!!