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Davide Mancini

Hi Stephane!
MOZZI is already running (just as an exaple sawtooth oscillator) on the NS1 as you buy it.
We provided the hardware filtering as requested by MOZZI library and put this output to the M–> pin!
The NS1 is responding on the MIDI channel 1 and is seen as a Class compliant MIDI device by any PC or MAC (or Ipad, etc..)…
You should have an ‘Arduino Leonardo’ output MIDI device when you connect the NS1 and open your DAW software. No drivers are needed!
In some PC environment, some user found that they needed to install the Arduino IDE.
You don’t have to program the NS1, jsut install the Arduino IDE and this will install some drivers (I repeat, this is seldom needed).
There is a GitHub repository with two official softwares (soundmachines)..
In this forum you’ll find several instructions on how to start from scratch and firmwares!!!!!

let me know!!!!