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Davide Mancini

Hi There!!!!
using Nanobridge is really simple!
I take that you will use the protected pins only.

First of all, to make the protection work, you have to connect the voltage extremes from the NS1nanosynth to the Nanobridge.
Use a jumper to connect ANY of the “0V” on the NS1 to the corresponding 0V on the Bridge.
Do the same with the 5V pins on the NS1 and the nanobridge.
Now you are set to do the ‘functional’ connections.
I.E. if you want to control the FREQ of the filter with an external CV signal connect the CV to the jack marked ‘1’ on the nanobridge and then the ‘1’ pin on the ‘protected’ side of the double row to the VCF ‘CV’ pin.
That’s it!
let me know!!!!