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Hi Paul, for storing and carrying my ns1 I use a clear plastic hobby/tool box with tiered trays that are just right for all the little cables. I lined the bottom with bubble wrap and it’s a perfect fit for the ns1.

As for power supply for multiple ns1’s, I think you need to run a USB cable or power cable into each ns1. I have two. You need to connect a 0v from one to an 0v on the other to ground and equalize them. I find that pins on the right side of the ns1 work well for that. But I don’t think you can power the whole thing that way.

I too would love a 3 tiered case. However, I found that a folding book stand like this one makes a perfect stand for two ns1’s, stacked one above the other.

The other advantage of a stand like this is that you can use it to hold a cookbook, or tablet, when you’re not making music.

I do not intend to endorse amazon, I’m sure you can find similar items in many places.

If other people have other good ideas please let us know.