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    Many people ask me where I buy cheap tickets, I have written several posts giving tips on how to travel a lot and spend little, but I decided to write this more detailed and with more tips.

    Planning a trip is no easy task, and you need a lot of determination to research. In most cases the airfare will be one of the biggest costs that you will have throughout your trip. So, spending a lot of time researching tickets before your trip will ensure that you make a good deal and use the savings you’ve got in buying the ticket to travel more and better.

    Step One – Search, search and search.

    As I said earlier, determination to research and the more you search, the easier it will be to find the best passages. However, we know that it is very annoying to be testing 1 million variables on several different websites, but this is how you can save a lot of money! The best way is to use price comparison sites.

    It pays to go to various sites, as companies have different deals with each one. Some of the websites, for example, include low-cost carrier fares.
    In addition, you can filter the most convenient results for your trip.

    Skyscanner – Now, if you have a more adventurous spirit and come across where there is an offer, on sites like skyscanner you can put as destination “anywhere” and find flights to all countries.
    Once you find the fare more in mind, it does not cost you to check the value available on the airline’s website as well.

    Kayak – This is a technology company that creates tools that simplify the process of searching for travel online.
    The Kayak Passenger Finder among the leaders of the American market in Brazil is still conquering its space, being better known among travelers.

    The prices found in my searches were the same as those of many other sites for the same destinations and therefore reasonable dates.

    Farecompare – An interesting tool of farecompare and skyscanner is to activate rate alerts for when prices fall from a stretch in which you are interested.

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    Momondo – In momondo, the “flight forecast” tool is useful for giving you details of a specific route. For example, by doing a search of flights from London to Dubai, this option shows which days of the week are cheaper to travel or until which weeks of the year the fares are lower.

    Expedia – Famous American online agency, perhaps the most popular in the world. With regard to website handling and variety of options, in my opinion you have others who are better! The idea of ​​”married sale” is very evident, because the site does not have a defined niche (flights, or hotels, or packages, etc). The expedia was one of the first online travel agencies to develop mobile and tablet apps. I found on this site higher prices on the same searches I did on other sites, so even with all the popularity, this should not be the only one to search for a trip, because there is probably still a chance of finding cheaper tickets on other sites.

    Takeoff -The decolar.com has grown and is becoming one of the most popular search engines in Brazil. Although the focus is airfare searches (after all the name is “take off”!), The site has invested a lot in lodgings as well (the slogam is: “more than 150 thousand hotels in one place”). The search is easy, the site is all in Portuguese and very intuitive. You can see details about the flights clearly, after a search appear all the airline options, such as seat type, values ​​and what is the best deal (among the options that exist in that specific site of course!)

    Google flight -my favorite of the moment, I bought my ticket to Dubai through it.

    If you want to travel but still do not know exactly where, use the Google Flight map. It shows the cheapest flights to each country according to your location, and simply move the mouse over the red dots to get more information and buy tickets.
    When performing a search, there will always be a set of pre-selected flights for you at the top of the results page. Google chooses the best value for money in a combination of price and number of scales. So the idea is that a hurried user can buy tickets in a few clicks.
    If you have date flexibility to travel, it is worth looking at the best prices for the selected destination directly on the calendar. So you can be sure that you are buying the cheapest tickets possible according to your need. Even if you enter a closed date in the search for flights, Google Flight will suggest, whenever possible, a change of exit or arrival for you to save more. These suggestions, when available, stand on banners in the middle of flight options so they do not go unnoticed. On a flight search, prices may be too high, but that does not mean they will not be reset soon. To do this, do a search by choosing outbound and inbound flight and save the itinerary to the favorites to make Google monitor prices for you. Like this, it will suffice to click on your list of saved flights to see if the values ​​have changed, which usually happens during promotion periods. Search for multiple flights
    Use the abuse of the available filters. You can categorize flights number of stops, time, duration, airline and stipulate a price limit. In addition, it is possible to even choose exactly the airport you wish to make a connection in more specific cases.
    You can also use Google Flight to help with long trips, where there are multiple destinations and starting points. That’s because it allows you to search up to five simultaneous flights, displaying prices on the same results page, collecting costs. The functionality is also useful for those who need to book flight on the job for more than one person.


    2 ° – Buy the tickets in advance

    Anticipation is essential to find the best prices! I know it’s almost impossible to plan a trip months in advance and above all, buy the ticket without knowing all the details of the itinerary, lodging, etc. But if you to think about, usually the ticket is the most expensive cost of your trip. So, once you’ve decided on this issue, you’ll see how much easier it will be to go ahead with planning the rest of the trip. And in a matter of a few weeks, the price can vary a lot! 3 or 2 months in advance to get good prices.

    3 ° – Be flexible with dates and times

    Having flexibility of dates is also important: sometimes, delaying the return in one day leaves cheaper than paying for the value of a ticket on Sunday, for example. You may have noticed it, but it’s never too easy to repeat: traveling during the week is cheaper.
    Friday and Sunday are the most chosen day for business travelers and tourists who want to enjoy the weekend. So you’re more likely to find a good offer on Tuesday or Wednesday. According to a statement from the Airlines Reporting Corporation, published in November 2014, the best day to purchase an airline ticket is Tuesday. The date is also suggested by several bloggers and travel experts.
    The explanations for this vary, but in general, this is the time when airlines launch their remaining ticket offers to try to get maximum occupancy on their flights.
    Monitoring for several days, at different times, helps a lot to take a calculated risk at the time of purchase.

    4 ° – Clear your computer cookies and change your browser

    Although the BBC has been unable to verify this information independently, there are reports that some airlines use information provided by cookies to monitor their navigation and raise the price of a flight if they know you are interested.
    That would explain why sometimes when you come back half an hour later to buy a ticket, you find a higher value.
    On the other hand, journalist Erica Ho, who worked for Time magazine in Hong Kong, found that the prices of the same routes varied exorbitantly depending on the country where the airline’s website was accessed.
    There are many strategies to test this: one option is to delete the cookies before paying the fare or use another browser to do the same search.
    Another tip suggested by Erica is, on the shopping site, to change her location and language. If you are in Brazil, choose a different country and do not select Portuguese.

    5 ° – Make a Stopover
    The stopover is when the passenger voluntarily makes a stopover or connection lasting more than 24 hours (on international flights) and greater than 4 hours on domestic flights) before the final destination, at no additional cost. That is, you take the passage to a certain city to meet another, making a scheduled stop between flights.

    6 ° – Trip at dawn

    Also called “owl” flights, the morning flights offer really relevant discounts to your passengers. However, it is important not to confuse: getting on the internet after midnight and buying the air tickets on sale during the night is not really guaranteed discounts. What is advantageous in fact is to acquire, at any time of the day, your tickets for flights departing from the airport, that is, that take the takeoff in the early hours. Although it sounds like a simple explanation, it’s important for you to really save money!

    The flights of dawn are quiet, silent, and depending on the size of the stretch, you can rest and be ready for the moment of landing, without fatigue.

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    7th – The more scales, the cheaper it gets!

    Direct flights are the best thing there is! More comfort, less chance of misplacing the suitcase, less headache … however, there are flights of 27h in total with 3 stopovers that will have the best prices. It’s up to you! I advise you to take the time that you will lose from your trip plus the stress of the scales, and in the end, you will see if it is worth the financial effort or not.

    8 ° – Travel with low cost airlines

    In Europe the best Low Cost airlines are EasyJet and Ryanair. You can easily find passage between 20 to 50 euros. However, be careful if you are traveling with large luggage, as you should pay extra charges around 40 euros. And in general, check-in must be done 48 hours before the flight and the boarding pass must be printed. Anyway, just get organized that there is no mistake!

    9 ° – Fly during low and medium season

    Obviously buying tickets in medium or low season is invariably cheaper than in high season.

    You can check on the internet the high season dates for your destination. But as a general idea, just check when it’s the school holidays.

    10 ° – Flight tickets for students

    If you are a student, you can get special fares for your flights.

    A good site for researching and buying student passes is the STA Travel (Student Travel Agency) website. You can buy the direct ticket with them through the internet, however, pay attention to the rules. You will have to prove at check-in that you are a student.


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