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    If I follow the MIDI patch in the manual it sometimes works, and sometimes I get a constant voltage from pin 5, whereas the Gate output from the ribbon controller works perfectly. I’ve tried swapping out different patch cables but in this case it has no effect.



    Je rencontre le meme probleme quand je passe en midi.
    Avez vous trouvé une solution ??
    Je vous remercie Jason.



    Pin 5 on the arduino is connected to an IC on the ns1 already. I was super confused by that too until I checked the schematic. I just don’t use pin 5 in my arduino firmware. I haven’t used the midi implementation, but it looks like it’d be not too difficult to change the pin to another unused digital pin.

    I’m not %100 positive, but i think it is safer to go with the higher pins because they arent connected to other ICs.

    I think pin 5 was for a dac or something? Little thing has so many things to play with 0.o

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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