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    Im considering buying a nanosynth. But I want to get really crazy with alot of modulation and 2 or more VCO’s so Im considering to buy 2 of them. I just want to know, is it a good idea?
    Im new to modular synthesis (although old in the game of prewired synthesis) so Im unsure if using 2 Nanosynths will give me allot of modules which i wont need. Is it overkill with 2 boxes?

    do I need the Nanobridge box to control the synth from an analog sequencer like Korg sq-1?
    How would I go about to control it by MIDI, DIN-jack, not USB?



    Davide Mancini

    Hi Rikard!
    technically speaking there is not a single problem doing what you are planning.
    We are even planning a small nanocase to mount two and three NS1 a la buchla :)))
    Anyway, having two nanosynth puts you in the perspective of owning a 50 modules modular… This sums up to a lot of potential and, along with the digital waveforms that you can output with the Arduino, a pretty good polytimbral system! (with the MOZZI libraries you could also put some drum sounds in one of the two NS1…)…
    Regarding the MIDI, natively is coming from the USB but the serial pins to use the ARduinoMIDI libs are there so it would be pretty simple to add this, along with the usual MIDI din connector, photocoupler and some more.
    Also,if you want to start playing with components, have a look at the experimenter’s kit! 🙂

    Let me know!



    I have 2 nanos and it is Not Overkill At All. In fact it opens up So many more possibilities – you can do FM from one VCO to the other, you can use the VCA for more than just having an envelope control the amplitude of the sound, you have 4 LFOs and 2 loopable envelopes – SO much can be done.

    But you probably want to GROUND one to the other and it’s very simple. Run a jumper from one of the Ov pins in the Sensor Block modules (over to the right) on one nano into the same or similar pin on the other nano. That’s what worked for me. I had some noise before I did that – afterward, none.

    You probably want to pick up some more 12 inch (30 cm) jumper cables so that you can reach as far as you can dream. [g]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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