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    offshore HDPE Pipe

    Introduction of offshore HDPE Pipe
    Brand Name: Zhongtian
    Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
    Color: Black or customized
    Material: 100% virgin PE 100
    Accssories: flange rings, rubber gaskets and fasteners
    Ranges: From 110mm to 850mm
    Offshore HDPE pipes is considered as an alternative to steel pipe for the advantages of corrosion reisistance and light weight.Weishan Xinheng Pipe Co.,ltd has been producing HDPE pipe from 2008. The HDPE pipes are made from high wear resistance HDPE mixed with anti-UV material by extrusion molding technology. Zhongtian dredging HDPE pipes enjoy good reputation for its perfect one-piece structure. The enlarged pipe end is lined with steel ring. It equips with loose flanges at both ends. When two pipes are connected by fasteners, there is a rubber gasket in between.
    Features of offshore HDPE pipes:
    Resistance to erosion, corrosion;,
    Superior strength against tide and current forces;
    Flexibility and sufficient bending radius;
    Light weight and buoyancy in sea water;
    Easy transportation and installation;
    Long service time;

    Accessories of offshore HDPE pipe

    Connection Drawing of offshore HDPE pipe: When two pipes are connected by fasteners, there is a rubber gasket in between.

    Regular Size of offshore HDPE pipe
    (mm)Wall Thinkness (mm)

    Our Factory

    Business Story of offshore HDPE pipe

    Our Services:
    Provide solutions of pipeline installation;
    Supply accessories at any time, free in guarantee time;
    Fast delivery time;
    Easy to work with stuffs;
    FAQ of offshore HDPE pipe
    Q. Why Xincheng?
    A. Weishan Xincheng Pipe Co., Ltd has been manufacturing HDPE pipes since 2008. We are dedicated in developing pipes for dredging, offshore works, gas and oil companies. .
    Q. How to choose the working pressure?
    A. Generally, 0.8Mpa is enough for a dredging project. But if there are coarse sand or corals, please let us know, then we will suggest a proper working pressure for you.
    Q. How long is the pipe length?
    A. Limited by shipping containers, pipe length is at 5.8m or 11.5m.
    Q. Accessories provided or not?
    A. We provide all accessories, one-stop for your pipeline installation. And we can offer extra 5% fasteners for free as your request.
    Contact Information:
    Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements or special application, you would be satisfied with our quick answer.
    Tel: +86-537-2328515
    E-mail: sales@wsxincheng.com Flanged HDPE Pipe

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