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    Google continues to take advantage of all the resources it enjoys online to offer us services of real utility. Its latest improvement is to warn users that their flight has been delayed, a situation much more common than we would like. The search engine company will use the information of thousands of flights in real time to calculate possible delays.

    Whether for vacation or work, the truth is that the delay in your flight is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Normally we travel with very structured schedules, and thought to make the most of our trip. Nobody cares too much for a half hour delay, but sometimes we have to suffer unbearable waiting for several hours.

    Well, Google has proposed to try to calculate and identify possible delays in the flights of all the airlines in the world, with the aim of being able to warn users in a reasonable time . Thus, we can restructure our trip with a little more margin.


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    We will have the information available both in the flight app and on the web, and the only thing we will have to do is perform a search of the flight in question . Next, all the available information of the route will appear, as well as an estimate of the possible delays that may occur.

    For this they will use a learning algorithm, which will analyze the flight history of certain airlines to predict delays and when they will occur. This will only happen when the algorithm is sure of the prediction by 80%. Obviously, a delay in a flight can be caused by thousands of factors, so we will have to take the information with caution.

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    Google continues to bet heavily on its own algorithms with more than positive results. Personally, I will be very aware when this technology is able to guess the numbers of the primitive. Time to time.
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