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    How and why to use Google Flights
    We are entering the time of travel for Easter, summer holidays and honeymoons. Google wants to help you find flights and hotels, and here we show you how to use this tool.

    when I start planning my trip from San Francisco, California, I feel overwhelmed. I have to consider the cost, all the flights (because I’ll have to stop), the departure and arrival times (so that someone can pick me up at the airport), and definitely the airline (to be comfortable).

    I always go to the same websites to start my research: Expedia, Priceline, Kayak and Orbitz, but the latter will now be part of Expedia, which bought it for US $ 1,600 million like Travelocity. I am very apt to find cheap and convenient flights, but it is definitely an art that I have polished over the years.

    I decided to use Google Flights for the first time and surprisingly it is very good. And, if your computer is configured in Spanish, you can act as a travel agency in your language.

    One important thing to note before you start the process: Google is not a digital travel agency like Expedia or Priceline. Google will not make your reservation. Google only helps you find deals on flights and hotels. When confirming your reservation, another tab will open that will take you to the website of the airline or hotel.

    How to use Google Flights
    On the Google Flights page you can choose to search for a round trip, one way, and, if it is a trip to several destinations, choose a resort.
    In the next box you can directly enter the date of your departure, but if the day is flexible I recommend opening the calendar because you will find how the algorithms of Google show you a comparison of the total price of the trip for all the days of the month before and after.
    Choose the date of departure that suits you. With Google Flights you can choose a return flight for a different airline if you wish. It is important to note that the price shown on the left will always be the total price of the flight.
    When you have the chosen dates, you can make the reservation immediately, save the itinerary or share the itinerary with other people. Remember that if you decide to make a reservation, Google will open another tab that will take you to the airlines website to make the purchase there.
    If you want to find a hotel, return to the Google Flights tab and choose the hotels tab. You will notice that the dates of your flights are kept in the boxes of the calendar. You can use the same dates to procure a room in a hotel or change them, but you will not have the price comparison that flights have.

    Why not use Google Flights
    As a place to start a search, Google Flights is fine. But if you are looking for a hotel and flight offer, it is better that you use one of the digital travel agencies to get a package that suits you.

    Google Flights also does not allow you to rent a car that can also be done in one of the traditional sites.

    But outside of that, I would recommend Google Flights and also a visit to Playa Limón.
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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