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    Davide Mancini

    Here you can write your reports of bugs or strange behaviours of the product.



    I’ve noticed this afternoon that when using any of the elements in free mode in conjunction with a VCA, there is really noticeable stepping which causes unpleasant crackling. I’ve tried this with Blinds, Ripples and Warps and it’s the same on each.

    I have also, a few times, come across a free (or once I think a KB grouped) element that could not be edited for no apparent reason, all other elements can be edited as expected.

    I seem to have occasional weirdness also with the hold buttons on the strips which will once every now and then just not engage until a restart or a new preset is loaded.

    A few times I have found myself in a KB group state where once of the elements seems to be stuck and outputs a constant gate and note info resulting in the voice always jumping back down to it. Again, this seems to continue until a reset of preset load.

    I’ve bumped into all of these today but other than the 1st one, I’ve been unable to identify what has caused them or repeated the problems at will.



    I’ve yet to successfully be allowed to assign the furthest top left and right buttons although they seem to be mapped on some of the KBs. They can be selected on the little light up map but the edit buttons don’t do anything.



    I think there are some general issues regarding multiplexing frequency or general event scheduling. I’ve found multiple problems regarding timing or loss of information when doing too many things at once:

    * Touches on keys are registered with slight latency that seems to vary every time. Sometimes it’s nearly unnoticeable, but it can get into definitely noticeable territory.
    * Sometimes keys get “stuck” – arches seems to not notice that I let go of the key and just continues to hold it down until I touch it again and let go.
    * When using the hold-function of the arpeggiator, often times arches will not hold all the keys that I pressed, but rather just a subset. I’ve experimented with very deliberately letting go of all keys at the same time, but it doesn’t seem to matter – often it works, but sometimes just a subset of the keys is held.
    * When syncing the Arpeggiator to an external clock, the arp will not properly follow the clock signal – this is specifically dependent on the clock speed and a faster clock does not necessarily produce worse results. I had situations where some clock speeds were followed solidly, but if I dialed the speed down just a tiny bit, the arp would start to shift in a weird way that was almost akin to swing – some steps were definitely not executed on time. I’d hope for the arp to simply trigger the next note whenever the clock input goes high, thus being a) very tight and b) allowing for odd/modulated clock rhythms as well.

    Personally, I think these timing-related issues are the most frustrating part of my experience so far. They hinder performance because I get afraid of doing anything too quickly and push me towards making very slow and deliberate gestures when I try to perform. I think trust in your instrument is very important, so any improvements you could make in this regard would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure these sorts of issues can be fixed and I’d guess it mainly comes down to optimization. I’ve had similar issues in my own projects and I assume that this was probably not the highest priority when trying to get the firmware to be feature complete, so I’m not worried at all about these issues showing up, but I’d very much appreciate a solution at some point.



    I received my arches and it looks great so far. Anyway I am having a huge problem to integrate it in my setup. I connected a Prophet X synth via MIDI DIN cable to the MIDI IN of the arches. Setting the clock source to MIDI, MIDI CLK OUT to ON and MIDI I/F to DIN does not forward my clock information to the CKIN plug. When I switch to INTERNAL, the internal clock pulse immediately appear ar the clock plug. This is critical for me, as I need another device to be the MIDI master clock. Can you confirm this bug?


    Davide Mancini

    Hi to everyone,
    we are discussing about your reports and we will give a feedback soon.
    At the moment we plan to enhance several of the things here with the upcoming release (that will inroduce the two ‘missing’ sequencers.
    I’ll be back soon!



    Hi, as above I’m having problems with the ckin.
    I have an erm Multiclock for live work always runs internal clock.
    Set to Analog 1/96
    Arches set clk in
    ARP does not not run smoothly, there’s a small gap between 1 and second note.
    Now I assume this could be due to the the clock pulse rate – but nowhere to change this setting?

    Tried with midi plus Multiclock = fine!



    It seems to be that the only thing working reliable is arches sending out the internal clock signal via CKIN.
    The internal clock is not transmitted using the MIDI DIN output and not via bluetooth – as they say in the manual.
    Clock in is not working at all for me. Not via CKIN and not via MIDI DIN. I have several devices I need to get in sync, like an Shuttle Control, a MacBook Pro running Cubase, a Prophet XL and an Waldorf kb37. All this gear is talking nicely together as expected, but the arches is not responding to any of these devices.
    Hey soundmachines, please get this working asap, your nice device is quite useless for me if it can not sync with other stuff.



    Hi – I’ve been awaiting for arches fro a long time and having fun getting into it.

    A few observations:

    1. There is noticeable latency on the light strips, but much less on the buttons and sliders. The light strip on the LS-1 is much better than these light strips.

    2. The gate output from the thumb pads is not a constant on/off gate (like a synth keyboard) but a continuous stream of repetitive short gates, i.e. a pulse waveform. Maybe this is configurable?

    3. When using the upper buttons for CV/Pitch/Gate, releasing the buttons causes a partial re-trigger of the CV output. When used to control VCF cutoff frequency this results in a ‘blip’ in the waveform on release. This doesn’t happen with the light strips or the sliders.

    4. I can’t get Clock In to work. When selected, the CKIN jack still outputs the clock signal.

    5. There seem to be a lot of un-finished functions in v.0.00.35.

    It feels like we’re beta-testing….



    OK – I’ve worked out how to toggle Clock In/Send Clock. RTFM!



    I’ve just encountered a strange pitch problem. While messing around with the arpeggiator, I noticed that the pitches didn’t sound in tune. I checked the output voltages from arches, having loaded pattern.002.arc – a 12 note keyboard, which should provide a chromatic scale from C-B. This is what I found:

    1.47 F#
    1.60 G (sharp)
    1.72 A (slightly flat)
    1.84 Bb (sharp)
    1.97 C
    2.10 C# (sharp)
    2.22 Eb (slightly flat)
    2.34 E (sharp)
    2.47 F#
    2.59 G (sharp)
    2.72 A (slightly flat)
    2.84 Bb (sharp)

    I power-cycled arches and the pitches were then correct. Very strange.



    I’m not feeling totally filled with confidence with regards to responses to posts here but…

    Today I noticed that the 6th small button at the top will trigger the 5th button if I move my finger to the top left corner of it.

    It does this regardless of the preset or what the pad is assigned to.

    Pretty unhappy so far given the cost and the 6 month delivery delay to feel like I’m beta testing/QCing my Arches for the ‘proper’ runs to ship with working firmware, stability and hopefully cases that aren’t bending the surface every time you touch it.

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    Yup. I can duplicate this on my unit also.

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    I have to agree with dfyans.
    Considering the cost of Arches, the release delay, the fact that we ARE beta testing / QC’ing our own machines and the extremely poor communication from Sound Machines, I can’t help but feel that I’ve made a poor decision with my purchase.

    This is definitely not the “90% functional prototype” we were misled to believe from the kickstarter.

    I really want to be impressed but I’m definitely not feeling very good about any of this. At this point, I wish I had purchased another product and more than likely will not support any other Sound Machine products in the future.



    So Davide – do you have any comments to make about the issues raised above?

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