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    I’m still trying and still finding this hard to love.

    Tonight I’ve been trying to set up all the strips as free elements for controlling mixers/Levels on various modules.

    I unassigned the KBs, set everything to free and then started mapping them left hand set 1-6, right hand set 9 -14 so far so good only for no reason the hold button on the 3rd strip along on the right hand set wouldn’t engage despite being set the same as all the others.

    I saved this as a new preset, power cycled and loaded the preset and the hold button worked BUT, the strip that was set to output it’s voltage on output 3 didn’t do anything. going into the assign menu gave me the option of setting it to output 2 (which was already in use by the strip next to it) or the next free output (17 or something).

    It’s really such a mediocre experience using this thing, I’m so close to putting it back in it’s box and just trying to sell it but part of me wants to hold out to see if it ever becomes useable as the thing we thought we had kickstarted in the first place.



    Forgot to add to the above that I’ve gone through every assignable element and there’s nothing else attributed to output 3, none of the KBs are enabled and the sequencers are all set to false.


    Davide Mancini

    Hi there,
    we are working on the last reports about discontinuity in the element assignements etc..
    The insertion of stepseq and transpose functions broke some links between config and UI (mainly while trying to be retro-compatible with the preset file format, sic!).
    Lookiing at your particular issue I wasn’t able to replicate it. Starting from a cold reset i just set the KB3 and KB4 to FREE and then assigning the sliders CV to outputs, from 1 to 12.
    Up to here fine, but I had to disable, in the proceess, the thumbpads gate outputs (on outputs 4 and 5) that by default are active.
    After this I could ‘play’ the strips with or without recording/hold etc.. and I also saved those in a preset. Right now I am testing the ‘restore’ part and it seems OK. Please let me know if I did something different OR you can recreate what I did with the same results.
    I repeat there ARE some issues with presets and UI configuration but we are currently working on the reports including yours.

    Anyway the factory preset #3 is near to what you are looking for, all the sliders are out on individual gate/CV and I use it to test the DACs of the units.



    I’ve unassigned everything, when I scan through the elements using the knob, everything is either — as it should be or set to the output that I’ve assigned. Output 3 is just not an option and it is absolutely not because it’s assigned to something else as I’ve also gone through the thumb pads and unassigned everything related to those (apart from their dedicated outputs).

    If I can find the time/energy/willpower to spend another chunk of time fighting with the unfriendly assign procedure I’ll try to set it up again using one of the existing presets as a starting point but man, as far as I’m concerned, this thing is still an awkward, buggy mess and it feels like it’s getting worse as we get more complications as features that I don’t really care that much about get added and break more things. Again, if there was a clear everything/blank state it’d make life easier.

    With respect, I don’t want a preset that is *near* to what I want to use, I want the configureable, flexible controller where I can assign whatever I want to whatever output I want that I thought I was buying into.

    Here’s an example of the awkward UI that I’ve mentioned earlier that I came across while *working* on this-

    I decided once I’d changed all the elements to free that I wanted to change all their range to 10v instead of 5v, for each element, I had to press the select knob and move it to the element and then press the aux button 3 times for EACH change I wanted to make, then press the OK knob, then start again for the next thing I want to change. If the voltage select (or note value, or trig type, etc) stayed ‘in focus’ while moving around to assign this is would make a user friendly workflow and save wear on the hardware.

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    I’m finding that a few lightstrips are refusing to record. This is fixed by power-cycling arches.



    My comment above also applies to the Hold function, i.e. some lightstrips hold buttons don’t work occasionally. This is fixed with a power cycle.



    Trigger sequencers:

    The parameters of Trig Seqs 3 4 and 5 are saved with the preset, but not Trig Seqs 1 & 2



    Selecting Expression CV output for a Keyboard:

    This is unfortunately disabled – if you hit the aux button in order to select an output, it declares that it’s EMPTY.

    So – you have to disable the keyboard group (set the FUNCTION to FREE) then select the aux output to your desired position.

    Then re-select FUNCTION to KB. The aux output selection will be retained.

    This is hardly a slick operation. The aux output parameter should be available whilst KB is selected in the FUNCTION menu.

    I think this qualifies as a bug.



    XYZ pad Hold buttons:

    I’ve noticed that, whilst experimenting and re-configuring my presets, the 2 Hold buttons associated with the XYZ pads will occasionally enable themselves – quite randomly, and not while I’m operating other controls.


    Davide Mancini

    Dear All,
    following many of your reports and our own internal testing we are happy to publish a 1.0.10 version fo the firmware that covers many of the hiccups and add some functions related to MIDI. PLUS!!!!! a good news for the one of you that looked for an OFFLINE WEB EDITOR.

    Now MIDI handles incoming clock much better, up to high speeds AND correctly inteprets the START and stop messages (that is: re-starting the sequencers to step1)
    In Internal clock mode, MIDI clock out is enabled ONLY when the user press the general PLAY button (right hand physical button). A START message is also sent before midi clocks are generated.

    Unassignable outputs are solved now.
    Total surface reading cycle is now optimizeed at less than 15 ms.
    Stuck buttons cases have been addressed. In particular the hold buttons of the thumbpads.

    TRIGGER sequencer, the save/recall of patterns is now fully functional.

    the Keyb outputs have been hardwired. The complexity of associating any output to any jack, while raising a lot of ‘background’ issues (also with preset structure) was deemed not very useful. Now the outputs of the keybs are: 1-2-3 for kb3,kb2,kb5,kb6; 9-10-11 for kb4; 17-18-19 for kb1.

    You can find the zip file with the hex on the product page or just click here:




    Thanks for the update! You mention an OFFLINE WEB EDITOR. Where is the download link?




    Hi Davide – when I unzip the archesim1.0.10.hex file, it gives me the 1.0.7 version of the firmware.


    Davide Mancini

    Hi Lars,
    editor is under development, will be hosted idrectly on a website (probably this!).
    I hope we will be able to publisha beta versione very soon (next week or the other one) to check the most part of the features.


    Davide Mancini

    Hi Mick,
    I probably made a mistake in compressing the file. Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t want you to upload .hex files!!
    I’ll redo the upload and write here again!


    Davide Mancini


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