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    Leosec is formed out of a group of professionals in the electric fence field, with over 10 years of leading edge technology in research, development and manufacture electric fence products. Our products mainly include agricultural electric fencing and security electric fencing. In addition to the electric fence energizer, Leosec and it’s subsidiaries manufacture a full and complimentary range of accessories like fence posts, insulators, electric fence wires etc.
    The wide range and unique qualities of our agricultural electric fencing products enables fences to be designed for most species of animal management ranging from the largest of wildlife down to the smallest domestic pet. It can be moveable, permanent, and semi-permanent electric fences to suit the professional farmer, wildlife conservator, pet owner and for predator exclusion.

    Our security electric fence has been proved a trusted choice for the world security electric fencing markets ranging from simple residential protection to high level security installations. Our security electric fencing products & solution has been widely used in residential, industrial, corrections, power stations, government sectors, municipalities and even military & defense.

    Our commitment is to provide high quality, reliable, technically advanced products to suit the needs of our customers whatever their fencing requirements and to create a safe living environment for human beings by technology innovation. Multi-powered Electric Fence Energizers manufacturers

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