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    I was uploading some new code to the arduino and smelled something burning. My NS1 still seems to function perfectly but it really scared me! Smoke was emitting from the top right DAC area of the NS1, seeping out from within the red case. I’m afraid to ever plug it back in! Luckily I have the adapter necessary for powering it without a micro USB.
    All I can guess is that my laptop was plugged directly into the wall of this old house and somehow the electric current was stronger than it should have been? Anyone have any guesses or explanations for this?



    Mine arduino/chip was broke, then I couldn’t get anything from midi but I fixed it with some help of a friend. This part on the arduino got really hot if you touched it but it was no smoke conning out.

    For me your problem sounds like very odd, have hard time to think that the upload caused it or the wall when you have it connected to a laptop, tried to plug it on again quick and test the DAC part?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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