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    Writing new firwares, being active etc. Etc.

    I reasently started to work with my nanosynth again and totally loves it!

    Working on some new stuff that is maybe crazy in the aspect of fysical input going into arduino, trigging things in the analog aspect and going back again.

    What is the community moving right now?

    What is the different firmwares?


    Am I alone active or 🙂 ? …



    Hi Niklas, I’m here, I don’t know a lot about coding but I’m trying to learn.

    I think the Nanosynth is amazing. A huge amount of modules and possibilities in a very small footprint – and price.

    I would never have thought of buying some of these modules if I were building my own modular.

    As an example, I have used the AND gate with 2 square LFOs to make varying rhythmic patterns by pinging the filter – FUN.

    I used the Sensor Blocks to wire up light sensors to control the filter cutoff, and then I waved my hands around. FUN.

    The S&H, the mults, the mixers, the sumsubs, the looping envelope. FUN.

    I just got a second nano. So many possibilities. FUN.



    Hey again Christian, nice to see someone else that is active!

    So… that is what the sensors blocks are for, fanx for the information! Need to look into thoose. I have just been on the arduino/dac/digipot and modular part mostly. This little monster can do allot. 😀

    Have only one ns1 yet. Thinking of buying two more this month but I am so up into the programming part.

    When I am done with my first firmware I am thinking to put up a git repo with all contributors firmwares with instructions (with there premissions of course).

    That because all the FW are so decentralized and can as well disapear tomorrow if the contributor just think it is nothing to have up anymore. That would be a shame because there are some really intresting FW people have developed out there! …

    If Soundmachines have it allready that I missed out?



    … It would be a nice idea to chare some blog or simular where people can write small things about what they find out about the nanosynth.

    So I just created a facebook page so we can add stuff we like to share 🙂


    Join it and I make you administrator.

    Besides that, thinking about putting up a GIT of all firmwares that people has done. It is allot of ideas that chould not go to waist, it is so decentralized. Like if someone deletes its FW on google drive it is gone for the “public”… Would be a pitty.



    Hi Niklas. I joined the Facebook group and I hope everyone else will too.

    I don’t know how github works. Can anybody upload a file to an existing github directory?

    Pulling all the firmware sketches together in one place sounds like a good idea if people are OK with that.

    Maybe Davide can tell us if he intended https://github.com/SOUNDMACHINES/NS1nanosynth_sketches to be a place just for official firmwares, or if he wanted everyone’s contributions to live there.



    You can clone git repos from other or create your own, it is wery simple to use! You cannot upload to every git repo you need credentials.

    Good question to Davide!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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