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soundmachines is the brainchild of a part electronic developer part musician and a company named SPES, active since 15 years in Italy and Europe in the market of research and development of electronic platforms for appliances, industrial automation, home automation and fitness equipment.

Please take a look here:

I am the chief innovation officer there and after some thinking I proposed this new adventure to my partners, that accepted the challenge!

soundmachines is coming to the market with a dense product roadmap, including eurorack modules, performance devices and full-fledged synthesizers. We will start the sales of modules in October/November and then expand the line in 2013. Some 15 modules are already on the map.

As of today there is already a development team at soundmachines. We have a main designer (Davide, me), a Project Manager (Samuele),  firmware engineers (Samuele and Mirko), a software architect (Luca), a webmaster (Andrea), hardware designers (Francesco, Enrico, Marco, Pablo)  and all the people that takes care of production: Roberta, Carlotta and many more…

Everything is made in Italy, with love.

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