UF1, a performance-oriented FX processor with CV inputs for parameters.

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Product Description


The UF1microfx is the last addition to our range of eurorack modules. It is a performance-oriented digital processor based on a new 24-bit dedicated DSP platform. Reverbs, delays and chorus are the effects that you can find in the module’s 16 programme. Delays are either modulated or straight and available in many time signatures.

Manual controls include the direct selection of the programme, the parameter value potentiometers, a great feeling, old-style, button for the tap-tempo and a DRY/WET control to modify the amount of the  effect on the output. When turned fully clockwise you can use the unit as a SEND effect.

Delay values are up to 600ms.

The interface toward your eurorack gear includes, apart from eurorack-level input and output with input clip indicator, two control voltage input for the modulation of the fx parameters (that are “summed” to the pots) and a clock (tap tempo) input.

Enjoy this great unit!

Program and Parameter List:
Note: Tap Tempo is only operational in Delay programme.
Plate Reverb p1:decay time p2:none
Room Reverb p1:decay time p2:none
Spring Reverb 1 p1:decay time p2:none
Spring Reverb 2 p1:decay time p2:none
Hall Reverb p1:decay time p2:none
Ambience Reverb p1:decay time p2:none
Chorus p1:chorus depth p2:chorus rate
Chorus+Reverb p1:reverb decay p2:chorus rate
DelayQuarter p1:delay time p2:delay feedback
DelayDotEight p1:delay time p2:delay feedback
DelayTriplets p1:delay time p2:delay feedback
DelayEights p1:delay time p2:delay feedback
ModDelEights p1:delay time p2:delay feedback
ModDelTriplets p1:delay time p2:delay feedback
ModDelDotEitghts p1:delay time p2:delay feedback
ModDelFourth p1:delay time p2:delay feedback