Artinoise re.ceiver + re.corder BUNDLE


A bundle that includes the Artinoise re.ceiver and the Artinoise re.corder!

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Product Description

Artinoise re.ceiver is the perfect companion for the Artinoise re.corder.

It is a powerful Bluetooth to MIDI and CV Interface, allowing you to play your modular synths with a wind instrument!

Connect your re.corder with a click of a button and play, modulate your patches with motion, play incredible electronic solos!

Hooking up your synths with the modules’ CV Outputs for motion (both inclination and rotation) and breath sensors is super easy and you can use the integrated attenuators to fine tune your needs!

Note that this device works with other Bluetooth MIDI controllers and keyboards, not only with the re.corder!

Please note: re.corder will be shipped in black by default.

The other available colors are: red, white and blue.

Write us an e-mail or leave a note at the checkout page to choose one of the other colors!