A six instrument drum voice module in just 6hp! Individual instrument, level and accent amount regulation, plus a host of alternative modes controllable with a CV input including a scale-quantized synth voice!!

This could be either your passport to the world of modular creative drumming or a great additional bank of percussive sounds to stack up against your pre-existing drum modules.


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Product Description


A great addition to any eurorack setup, the SD1simpledrum module is a small and friendly way to start up with modular percussions or enrich a pre-existent system with new sounds and capabilities.

  • Six channel PCM drum module
  • Channels are grouped per sound type:   1-BD 2-CH 3-OH 4-SD 5-HT/PERC 6-LT/PERC
  • 16/24 sounds per channel (single and double)
  • For each channel user can choose:
  • Instrument (sound)
  • Mix level
  • Accent amount
  • Overall (Mix) reverb amount
  • Alternative CV modes (blue led ON):
  • Value region1: Humanize HH (instrument level variations on CH and OH channels)
  • Value region 2: Humanize HH+SD
  • Value region 3: Reverb CV control
  • Value region 4: scan instr on ch 6
  • Value region 5: scan instr on ch 5+6
  • Value Region 6: SYNTH on ch 5/6 (synth mode uses CH5 as GATE, CH6 as PITCH and acc/cv as SCALE (Min,maj,pentatonic, dorian Maj7, min7, whole, chromatic))

Download the manual here: