DC1, powerful step sequencer with CV input for lots of modulation

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Product Description

8 tracks, global and  individual lenght, store and recall your patterns, song modes, shuffle, master and slave clock, x-y step activation and, first in the market: 4 CV input to change parameters and behaviours on the fly and much more!

If you need a step sequencer for your drum modules, triggering needs and many other things, this is the most potent sequencer out there. Fullstop.

Please have a look at the manual. Have an idea of what it can do.



To check your FW version, press the left encoder and scroll to the last voice of the menu using the same encoder!

Video: House Beat tutorial (by Joao Ceser)

Video: Modular Trap Step (by Joao Ceser)

VIdeo: Modular CV jam (by Joao Ceser)

Video: Presets (by Joao Ceser)

Video: Demo1

Video: Demo2

Video: Demo3