t-spectrum, a spectral processor and an organic sound sculpting tool.

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Product Description


T-spectrum takes the concept of merging modulation sources and destinations into a single module.

T-spectrum is a spectral processor, an organic sound sculpting tool transforming drastically what passes through it.

The powerful modulation engine lets you hear frequency bands dance, smoothly or frantically. Bring life to your patches with free running or resettable custom drawn modulations.

Maximum automation recording length of 20s for each parameter.

MODE allows to change between 1/2/4/16 (max) bands

FREQ moves the filter initial frequency

SPREAD changes the bandpass filters Q peak

TILT moves the selected peaks around the spectrum.

The integrated touch lightstrip controllers can drive four parameters with looping or one-shot recording playback mode on each track with global RESET input.

Secondary distorted output.

Features list :

•Spectral processor

•Four channels parameters recorder

•Up to 20 seconds automation recording time

•Looping, One shot and Hold modes for automations

•CV input and physical control for parameters

•Normal and Distorted outputs

•Four modes: 1/2/4/16 bands

•Modify resonance peaks and move the bands around the spectrum

•Current draw: 150 mA (+12 V) / 20 mA (-12 V)

•Width: 8 HP

•Depth: 34 mm