t-generator, a multi-parameter Thru-Zero FM VCO.

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Product Description


t-generator takes the concept of merging modulation sources and destinations into a single module.

t-generator is a multi-parameter Thru-Zero FM VCO. Main outputs are a pure sine wave with its warm sounding harmonically rich wavefolder, a triangle and a morphable square oscillator.

Four independent lightstrips engines controlling four sound sculpting parameters

Bring life to your patches with free running or resettable custom drawn modulations.

Maximum automation recording length of 20s for each parameter.

V/Oct, Thru-Zero FM, PWM and FOLD modulation inputs.

Along with Pulse Width, Fold and Saw morphing, you can play with its Vibrato parameter that will generate a wide palette of effects, starting from subtle vibrato to chaotic frequency modulation.

The integrated touch lightstrip controllers can drive four parameters with looping or one-shot recording playback mode on each track with global RESET input.


•Eurorack oscillator with self-modulation capabilities

•Four channels parameters recorder

•Up to 20 seconds automation recording time

•Looping, One shot and Hold modes for automations

•CV input and physical control for oscillator parameters

•Three independent outputs (Triangle / Sine with fold / Morphable Square with PWM)

•Vibrato parameter ranging from subtle to S&H style pitch modulation

•Thru-Zero FM input

•Current draw: 150 mA (+12 V) / 20 mA (-12 V)

•Width: 8 HP

•Depth: 34 mm