Announcing the world first BRAIN-SYNTHESIZER interface: BI1brainterface

Yesterday we announced on our Facebook page the availability, later this spring (May/June) of the first brain to modular synthesizer (and MIDI) interface.

Compatible with the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile headset, the interface will trasform your barinwaves in control voltages (and MIDI messages) to modulate, transformate, play your sound creation.

The module has 11 analog outputs (related to Meditation, Attention, 8 EEG bands and the RAW EEG signal) and 1 GATE signal (with a variable threshold) and it will be programmable by the user (MIDI channel, cc, etc..) through a (supplied) USB/serial cable.

The module will have an optional ‘microcase’ for everyone interested in this technology but not in the eurorack format environment (CV synths, 5U modulars, MIDI synths and devices….)

Availability and Price will be communicated soon.

Panel design is not definitive, click to enlarge.

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More product videos! UL1uloop and SY1synesthesia at work!

Here are some new videos that sums up the functionalities of those two modules. Both will be available to order end of Jan, beginning of February, as usual in Europe and USA !!

Let’s start with the UL1uloop, a 4hp lo-fi performance oriented sampler/looper !

Then have a look at the final release of the SY1synesthesia, your gateway to the world of DMX lighting!

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soundmachines@modulol article on DJ Mag Italia

Our friend and organizer of Modulol, Joao Ceser, gave this interview to the most known DJ and Producers Magazine in Italy. The second meeting was about our modules!!!!!




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DC1drumcomputer is coming!!

Dear All,

we worked secretively on this new module in the last few months, and now we would like to present it officially on the site.

The DC1drumcomputer is a pattern based trigger sequencer with many traditional features and a handful of twists for your beat/trigger creativity. It is an 8 track 16step trigger seq with Load/Store capabilities (up to 128 patterns), pattern lenght (global), track len (for each one!), swing/shuffle, internal clock generation or external slave-ing, and the classical start/stop/pause commands.

The interface is a etch-a-sketch, or X-Y based, by means of a dotmatrix led display and two encoders with pushbutton. In any state, you can ‘point’ the step that you want to activate/deactivate with the encoders and push to change its state. The encoders are metal shaft, automotive type products to ensure durability and stiffness.

The twists are coming in the form of 4 independent CV inputs that are totally configurable, each one, to influence the following stuff: bpm, track lenght (individual!), shuffle, beat density, pattern jump, randomize, track mute, etc…. By pressing the CVin button (A,B,C,D) and simply turning the encoder you enable the input to change the parameter that is shown in pseudomnemonic code on the display.

The following picture shows the prototype!

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New modules coming…..

It’s not a secret anymore that we are working on many new modules, some of which will be hopefully put on sale before the end of the year.

The already teased UL1uloop and SY1synesthesia are coming soon and other two ‘important’ modules are under development.

The following shot is the printed panel silkscreening that we are going to send to our supplier for the first prototype run. Be prepared!!!!!!!!!!!

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soundmachines @ Knobcon2013 chicagoland

Dear All,

we are delighted to present some of our modules, including two final prototypes, at the KNOBCON event in Chicago this weekend.

Thanks to Mike Cameron we will show the following modules:

RB1robotto synthetic voice generator (already available to purchase through distributors in US and OZ.

LS1lightstrip touch cv generator/recorder (also already on the market)

LP1lightplane three dimensional (X Y Z) matrix cv generator/recorder (orders will be processed the next week!)

RC1radiostar 16CV and 8 GATE/TRIG interface for tablet (Android and iOS) via bluetooth. LIVE and SEQUENCER modes!

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