A great little board to interface the NS1nanosynth to your eurorack system.

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Product Description

NS1nanobridgeThe NS1nanobridge is the definitive companion that allows the NS1nanosynth to interface to any eurorack or other modular system. With its 14 3,5mm jacks and optional protections on signals, the NS1nanobridge is the best solution to spread the nano strain.

You have, for each connection, a protected and unprotected nanopatch header. To have a fully working protected connection from the external system to the NS1nanosynth (that handles 0V to 5V voltages) connect the “0V” and “5V” nanopatch points to the same patch p0ints on the RIGHTMOST connector header on the NS1nanosynth. This way you will limit the excursion of the incoming signal from 0V to 5V. To achieve this we put a resistor-diodes limiting circuit on each pin. Alternatively, and this is useful for two purposes: outgoing signals (from NS1 to modular) and incoming V/oct pitch, you can use the ‘unprotected’ header side.

A note about the compliance. Keep it always safe! if you don’t know what is the voltage range of the incoming signal use ALWAYS the ‘protected’ side, after having connected the 0V and 5V !

The NS1nanobridge is shipped complete with four rubber feet.