(arches) is our state of the art tactile controller.

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Product Description


NEW!!! substantial firmware 2023 1.02.00 update (files are at the end of page):

  • new functionalities
  • web-based editor 
  • bug fixes and optimizations

Universal Tactile Synthesizer Controller 

Blending inspiration, power and ease of use, we created the perfect evolution of the concept of tactile controller. Built on the foundation of our first class touch interfaces (LS1lightstrip and LP1lightplane), present today on thousands of eurorack systems worldwide, we designed a beautiful work of art and technology.

(arches) put a never seen before set of controllers at your fingertips. Sliders, lightstrips (with rec/loop capabilities), lighplanes with z-axis sensitivity and pressure sensitive buttons. Behind those state of the art touch controllers lie a high-speed microcontrollers that joins the elements to create keyboards, sequencers, arpeggiators and eventually your perfect performance setup.

Panel Description:

(arches) is an 84hp, fully enclosed eurorack module that can be transplanted into any portable case for deep integration and transportability. The metal casing houses the external 12VDC jack and the full set of MIDI and USB connectors.

The panel is logically divided in the following parts:

Tactile Interface:

User Interface:

Jack bay:

The touch surface of the (arches) is composed of the following elements. Every one of those could be configured either as an independent controller (with its own output ports) or part of a higher level functionality.

Dynamic Pushbuttons




Functional Sets Description:


(arches) can create up to three concurrent independent keyboards, each one with its own sets of outputs and its own arpeggiator. For each of the keyboards you can define the standard (eurorack, buchla, v/hz), the note associated with every ‘element’ and gate output with highly levels of customization.

Control up to three voices for melodic and rhythmic stuff, having the free lightplanes as a mean of modulating other parameters of your setup/patch.

Keyb1: Dynamic Pusbutton  (gate, pitch, pressure, arpeggiator)

Keyb2: Full keyboard, sliders and lightstrips (gate, pitch, position, arpeggiator)

Keyb3: left-hand sliders and lightstrips (gate, pitch, position,arpeggiator)

Keyb4: right hand sliders and lightstrips (gate, pitch, position, arpeggiator)

Keyb5: diminshed full keyboard (gate, pitch, position, arpeggiator)

Layered Functionalities:

(arches) implements another two important features, that can be used on top of the rest of the controls (if you have enough spare outputs!): an 8 step cv sequencer and a 5 tracks, 8 step drum trigger sequencer. The two sequencers (both based on the 8 lightstrips) can run concurrently in background and are easily accessed by pushing the STEP and TRIG buttons on the touch surface.


Learn everything you need from the User’s Manual, version 1.2.0. Check it out in preparation for the upgrade procedure and discover the new functionalities!: 


Download the latest firmware, version 1.02.00 (see manual on update procedure):


Downlaod the factory preset for 1.02.00. (unzip and copy/overwrite presets into the /ARCHES folder on the SD card) :

Arches 1.02.00 Patterns

Access the free pattern-editor at this link: http://www.artinoise.it/archesmidiapp/index.html


We are keeping below the old official firmware, manual and default presets:

Learn everything that you need from the User’s Manual, version 1.1 for new firmware 1.0.0:ARCHES MANUAL JUN19

Download the 1.0.10 firmware in a zip file. Unzip and copy only the archesim.hex file to the SDcard: arches_fw_1_0_10

Download the 4 factory preset for the V1.0.0 and later firmwares (unzip and copy/overwrite presets into the /ARCHES folder) NOTE: if you already updated to 1.0.0, or your product come with a 1.0.0 firmware or later, you DON’T need to do this: presets1.0.0