DS1drumstation, the modular groovebox.

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Product Description

The only stand-alone modular drum system on the market!

Meet the DS1drumstation, a bundle of our best modules enclosed in a self-powered enclosure with a lot of performance power to offer!

Enclosed in a 42hp panel, you find three of our best-selling modules: the LS1 lightstrip, the DC1drumcomputer and the SDsimpledrum. Together, they form a modular drumming powerhouse with space for patching, live performance and sound deepness.

Four LS1lightstrips perfectly match with the four CV inputs of the DC1drumcomputer allowing you to change the behaviour of the sequencer in realtime with your gestures (or your recorded CV loops!). The DC1 8 outputs can drive the SD1simpledrum instruments and also connect to a potential external eurorack system.

The DS1drumstation is  perfectly compatible with eurorack standard modules and it can be re-housed into your case if you need to. Just remove 4 screws and connect the ribbon power cable!

You can check the manuals of the single model and study our introductory videos to use the product at its best!!


Product includes 10 patch cables. The 12V-1.5A DC adapter is not included.

Product Manuals:





Introduction to DS1drumstation:


Lightstrips and Sequencer:


DS1 melodic demo: