t-formant, a comprehensive formant filter and synthesizer.

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Product Description


t-formant takes the concept of merging modulation sources and destinations into a single module.

Collecting the heritage of our discontinued module RB1robotto, T-formant is a comprehensive formant filter and synthesizer. Its capability to filter external signals is layered with the possibility, when the user applies a CV signal to the relevant input, to generate its own base tone. Adding to the base parameters of formant-type and peak resonance, you can also add flanging and distortion to the output, creating a wide palette of vocal based sounds.

Maximum automation recording length of 20s for each parameter.

Vowel based filter with bypass, formant selection and peak resonance knob.

Process external audio, with formant filtering, flanger or distortion effects, from subtle to heavy sound mangling.

 If nothing is patched on its input, T- formant can be used an oscillator following V/Oct standard.

The integrated touch lightstrip controllers can drive four parameters with looping or one-shot recording playback mode on each track with global RESET input.


•Vowel formant filter and synth voice

•Four channels parameters recorder

•Up to 20 seconds automation recording time

•Looping, One shot and Hold modes for automations

•CV input and physical control for parameters

•Process external audio by filtering, flanging and distortion

•Bypass effect, Resonance Peak and Formant control

•Current draw: 150 mA (+12 V) / 20 mA (-12 V)

•Width: 8 HP

•Depth: 34 mm