Month: October 2012

The soundmachines site is seeing the light of the metaverse…

‘Metaverse’, the contraption that Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash) defined for the space beyond the computer screen, where ‘avatars’ lived and interact with each-other and the network itself.

Soundmachines has its home on that space, that now we call Internet.

This home will be the main presence of the company on the net, along with forums and multimedia channels such as soundcloud, vimeo and youtube. Here we will give you all the information you need to get involved with our products: news, tests, demos and video links. Moreover, this will be the first incarnation of our european shop, allowing direct buy from soundmachines via e-commerce platform.

Please use, peruse and abuse the site, reporting each and every strange-nice or strange-naughty thing that you encounter to us. The site is living and slowly forming along the introduction of our products.