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BI1brainterface in action!

Dr. Richard Boulanger, one of the most important personalities in the electronic music experimentation realm and Professor at the Berklee College of Music, illustrates how he uses our BI1brainterface to compose soundscapes that reflects our inner sentiments and mental processes.

His words reflects with perfection the vision of soundmachines in inventing and manufacturing its instruments:

For me, music is a medium through which the inner spiritual essence of all things is revealed and shared. Compositionally, I am interested in extending the voice of the traditional performer through technological means to produce a music which connects with the past, lives in the present and speaks to the future. Educationally, I am interested in helping students see technology as the most powerful instrument for the exploration, discovery, and realization of their essential musical nature – their inner voice.

More product videos! UL1uloop and SY1synesthesia at work!

Here are some new videos that sums up the functionalities of those two modules. Both will be available to order end of Jan, beginning of February, as usual in Europe and USA !!

Let’s start with the UL1uloop, a 4hp lo-fi performance oriented sampler/looper !

Then have a look at the final release of the SY1synesthesia, your gateway to the world of DMX lighting!

SY1synesthesia module presented !!!

Yesterday @ Meet The Knobbers event in Tuscany, Monteriggioni, we presented a new module made for interfacing the modular synthesizer with DMX lighting equipment!

This is ideal for your live sets and performances!! Imagine giving chromatic meaning to your sounds, a cold and piercing BLUE/VIOLET for your fizzling leads and/or glowing ORANGE bulbs of light on your bassline…. Or just change the SHUTTER speed of your strobo depending on the pitch or your synth lines or noise….

5 channels of CV in mappable to DMX! You can also drive PAN/TILT/GOBOS on moving head projectors, SHUTTER speed for strobo lights etc.. As DMX is a BUS, you can drive also more than one fixture. But more on this later..

Modules will be available in september.