• NS1nanosynth

    “Tiny and Adorable”, the first handeld real analog modular synthesizer integrated with an arduino platform.

    For musicians and hackers.

    Now sold with mandatory pre-assembled metal bottom case.

  • SD1simpledrum

    A six instrument drum voice module in just 6hp! Individual instrument, level and accent amount regulation, plus a host of alternative modes controllable with a CV input including a scale-quantized synth voice!!

    This could be either your passport to the world of modular creative drumming or a great additional bank of percussive sounds to stack up against your pre-existing drum modules.


  • NS1 experiment kit

    Breadboard, electronic components and wirings to add functions to your NS1, hacker style! (sequencers, filters, drum, etc…). Includes 10 circuit sheets to start from!!!

    Components list is coming!

  • RB1robotto

    This is the first product from soundmachines: a eurorack singer, a synthetic backing vocal, and much more.

    The platform is compliant with Arduino, and you can write your own firmware, and explore new possibilities. Do yourself a favour, void that warranty.