NS1 experiment kit


Breadboard, electronic components and wirings to add functions to your NS1, hacker style! (sequencers, filters, drum, etc…). Includes 10 circuit sheets to start from!!!

Components list is coming!

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Product Description

NS1nanosynth Experimenter’s kit is a joyful bag of components especially suited to build electronic musical circuits! With the aid of a breadboard and hundreds of electronic components you can build your own sequencers, vactrols, envelope generator, drone oscillator, filters and gate processors!


The manual give you a basic introduction to a practical approach to components and circuits! Everything is based upon he Fritzing platform, so you just go and download it! Then on our Github account you can download all the circuits!


envelope follower_bb

The repository is growing and your contribution is welcome!!!!! (links and references inside of the manual!

NS1nanosynth experimenters kit 1.0