RB1, the first product from soundmachines: a eurorack singer, a synthetic backing vocal, and much more.

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Product Description

RB1robotto is a voltage controlled singer, an irresistible source of pitched vowels, and much more. The product, the first in our line, was born as a sunday afternoon project, by putting together our modular, ad arduino board and a speech chip. The blending of the ‘voice’ with the noises, tones, and buzz from the modular was so good that we built a company around that.

Now, the production unit is real. Lush steel panel with thick silkscreened prints and deep red tones. You control the ‘voice’ of the robotto with your well known CV sources. Pitch and Gate are the usual dishes, accompanied by vowel and consonant control. Each of those are playable also by hand, and there is a manual gate too, ORed with the jack input.

But there is more.

Flip the board, before tightening the screws, and you can see a six pin connector that could open the product to many other uses. We chose to play with the Arduino platform and in the end we would like YOU to play with it too. Just buy a 5 bucks usb/serial adapter and download the Arduino 1.0 IDE. The platform is based on the soundgin/babblebot ic, a well known speech and sound synthesis platform. The RB1 is a little toy to play with waveforms, modulations, other than vowels and consonants. Up to three complex oscillators with many inter-mod capabilities. The datasheet is downloadable!

Please direct your browser to our github repository (to be implemented!!!) and download and upload sources.
Please void that warranty.

The manual is here: RB1robotto_Manual_Sep2013

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