BIbrainterface Limited Edition on sale from monday 29th!!!!!

BI1brainterface Limited Edition bundle is gone!

Please check the Product’s page where you can find the BI1brainterface in standard models (no individual numberm, headset and euro spare panel bundled, otherwise identical!)

Shipments will start on 15 Oct.
The bundle will include the assembled BI1brainterface Desktop, the Eurorack panel and the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile headset!
Ah! also CANDIES!!!!!!
The units will be numbered on a metal riveted plate!Pricing (including shipping, tracking and insurance):
Europe: 500€+VAT (call for VAT exempt)
US: 515€
Asia, Australia, rest of the planet and ISS: 525€
Orders will open at 19:00 UTC+2 on monday the 29th!! Grab one! We expect those first bundled units to sell like hotcakes!!!!!!!!!
On monday be ready with your browser on our website’s SHOP page!!!