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The definitive trigger sequencer for your drumming needs (but not only).

8 track stepsequencer with individual parameters per track, 4CVin to change the parameters in realtime and to navigate through stored sequences

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8 tracks, global and  individual lenght, store and recall your patterns, song modes, shuffle, master and slave clock, x-y step activation and, first in the market: 4 CV input to change parameters and behaviours on the fly and much more!

If you need a step sequencer for your drum modules, triggering needs and many other things, this is the most potent sequencer out there. fullstop.

Please have a look at the manual. Have an idea of what it can do.


Video: House Beat tutorial (by Joao Ceser)

Video: Modular Trap Step (by Joao Ceser)

VIdeo: Modular CV jam (by Joao Ceser)

Video: Presets (by Joao Ceser)

Video: Demo1

Video: Demo2

Video: Demo3