FMJ3 3U 84hp desktop case


FMJ3, sturdy steel case to house and protect your modules.

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Product Description

The Soundmachines ‘FMJ3’ is a 3U 84 HP Powered Desktop Case introducing the brand new case line. The case features a sturdy steel housing to protect power supplies and modules as well as modular mounting options to build 6U and 9U expanded setups (to be announced). The FMJ3 case also employs 2x850mA power rails and VESA 100mm mounting holes to construct flying desktop systems! 


  • Sturdy Steel Housing
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Aesthetic
  • Laser Cut / Precision welding
  • 84 HP Module Space
  • VESA 100mm Mounting Holes
  • Internal 20W PSU (12-24Vdc Adapter Needed)
  • 5V-1A Build Option
  • 45mm Module Depth Available
  • Optional 9U and 12U Mounting Stands
  • Rubber feet